Friday, September 5, 2014

Autumn Recycling

As the school year starts and lives become hectic, recycling tends to be pushed to the back of our minds. But this year, make sure to keep recycling in mind! Last month we urged back to school recycling, but there is so much more we can do to keep this autumn clean & green!

Yard Waste: The best recycler of all is Mother Nature! Creating compost yourself or being sure to collect yard waste to send to your township is a great way to keep your yard beautiful and environment thriving!

Pumpkin Planning: As Halloween approaches, there are so many things you can do with a pumpkin! Carving a jack-o-lantern is a family favorite, but don’t waste those pumpkin seeds! Find a great recipe for baked pumpkin seeds and put them out as snacks for the family! When the pumpkin has served it’s purpose put it in compost or just throw it in the woods! Small critters love pumpkin!

Scarecrows Need Clothes: Have old, ripped clothes you can’t donate? You’re in luck because scarecrows are looking for just those items! You can even dress him a few times this fall if you have lots of old clothes that are unfit to donate! And don’t forget to fold them up and save them for next year as well!

Recycling isn’t just giving used plastic, glass and paper to your township; it’s about reusing what you have in your home! Not only will recycling save you money and the environment, it can be a fun activity for the kids this season! Let us know what you did to recycling this fall in our comment section below!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Get A Head Start on Back to School

It may be the beginning of August, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the first day of school! Whether your child is entering kindergarten or their senior year of college, it’s the same routine. Notebooks, pencils, folders and textbooks galore! And don’t forget the new clothes that will accompany your kids this fall. We’ve put together some advice to make this back to school season go on without a hitch!

Start Early and Stay Positive: Back to school season is arguably the most stressful time of the year. The kids are nervous and excited, you’re looking for leftovers and bargains, but starting early, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for school and keeping a positive attitude will help with a smooth transition into the school year.

Make a Deal: Even though it’s only August, back to school sales are up and running. Back to school commercials have been running since mid July! The stores are ready, so you should be too! But don’t forget to look through last year’s binders for fresh paper, unused notebooks and pencils that still have some mileage left!

Thrift Shop: Even though department stores claim they have great sales, their prices can be marked up! Try your local thrift store for great prices on lightly used clothes. Or hold a clothes swap party with your friends! Have them bring their kids old clothes and see what fits your child. Cheap and thrifty!

Have Fun: This school year, why not start new family traditions? Ease nerves by having family night the day before the first day of school to talk about what your kids are looking forward to and what they aren’t.  Try to incorporate these types of family gatherings throughout the school year so your child feels heard and you can better assess what they need.

No matter what your family situation we wish you the best back to school season filled with excitement and fun! Good luck this year students!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Family Fun on July 4th

The weather is hot, the office is closed and your kids are ready to celebrate! This July 4th, we’ve put together some great family fun activity ideas for you to try! From picnics in the park, to arts & crafts and don’t forget the local fireworks, it’s time to spend the day with the family and celebrate the best summer holiday!

Plan a Picnic: Make a turkey sandwich, bring along some potato salad and red, white and blue popsicles and you’ve got yourself a great American lunch special! Some watermelon will keep the kids cool as they run in the grass and enjoy the birth of our great nation!

Games in the Grass: Whether you pack Parcheesi or bring along a soccer ball, taking in the great weather with a game for the whole family will make the day extra special. When running in the sun, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Pass a Parade: If there is one thing you can count on July 4th, it’s a parade. Find where a local parade is in your neighborhood and bring the kids to watch a spectacular show! Pack snacks and water to keep hydrated and you’ll have a great afternoon activity under your belt!

Fantastic Fireworks: No matter where you are in the U.S you are bound to see fireworks come nightfall. Whether it’s at a local baseball game or local high school, grab a blanket, maybe some earplugs for the kids and enjoy the show!

No matter what activities you choose to take part in this July 4th, we wish you the best of times, enjoyed with the entire family!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Storage Tips & Tricks

This year, instead of cramming winter supplies into the back of the garage, try out a storage pod! While packing up your skis, ice skates and sleds put together a plan so you stay organized all summer long! We’ve put together some packing tips to keep you organized and stress free all year round’!

Embrace the Label Maker: As much as you don’t want to be the crazy lady with the label maker, you might have to take one for the team. Labeling each storage box with exactly what is in the box, will save you time and stress! No more opening every box to try and find your old winter jacket!

Be Colorful: I know, I know, you also don’t want to be the one who organized their closet in rainbow colors, and by no means are we suggesting this, but think about having a certain color for each member of the family. Whether the whole box is one color or there is just a big red X on all your spouses’ boxes, color-coding might be the smartest thing you did. It also helps the whole family get involved. Since every member has their own color they can go through their own boxes when the time to unpack arrives!

Use Backup: As tedious as this may sound, keeping a checklist of everything you packed and where it is could save you hours or searching in the future! So when you need only one item from the entire storage container, check the list, grab what you need and your finished!

Safely Store: When it’s time to put away the snow blower or anything else that runs on gas, make sure you empty the gas tank! And double check where your wires and electronics are stored, so no accidents occur while using your storage pod!

So, try something new this summer and use a storage pod from GPOD. Store the pod on your own property or at our secure location! Either way, your items are protected and you have peace of mind!

Friday, May 2, 2014


After this long and cold winter, nothing makes us happier than seeing a beautiful, blooming garden! Bring on the lilacs, roses and tulips, we’re ready! But, as many of you may know, gardening isn’t easy! To have a successful garden, you need to have a plan.

Do your research. When is each flower in bloom? When should each flower be replaced? Which plants need direct sunlight and which prefer a bit of shade? These are all questions that need to be answered before any seed is planted.  Find the best place in your yard for your garden, depending on the types of flowers you want to plant. Make a border. Clearly determine the outline of the garden and try not to grow outside of the boundaries.

Embrace compost. Gardening highly depends on the soil. Buying fresh soil from a store is a great start, but investing in compost can be an excellent choice. Compost is a mixture of decaying, organic substances. These enrich the soil with vitamins and nutrients that make flowers and plants thrive. Simply add the compost to the soil and enjoy beautiful flowers all season long.

Weed out the problems. Weeds are a gardener’s worst enemy. They take up precious root space, sunlight and water, killing off flowers one by one. Weed control products are excellent to use so your flowers stay healthy all season long!

If your yard is still suffering from the winter and you haven’t found the best place to plant your garden, call GPOD for a yard waste dumpster and get all the junk out fast! Visit us online for more information. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning on the Outside!

It’s that time of year again! Break out the cleaning supplies because it’s time to wash out the winter dirt and grime and get ready for a warm, beautiful and CLEAN spring! When we think of spring-cleaning, we mostly think of cleaning out the bathroom, closets and kitchen but what about the exterior of your home? We think it’s just as important to spruce up your garden, porch, deck and other outdoor accessories to keep your home in tiptop shape. Here are a few tips to keep your entire home clean and fresh this spring!

- Get Your Mind IN The Gutter: We know this is one of the LAST things you want to do when the weather is nice but it’s so important to keep water damage out! Scoop out all the gunk that’s been building up in your gutters all winter. Leaves, twigs and other outdoor nuisances should be disposed of so you have no water damage to worry about this year!

- Bring Out the Cars: Keeping your garage clean is so important for the spring and summer, since most outdoor activities are kept safely tucked away in the back of it. Sweep out the dirt that’s been collected all winter and ORGANIZE! Invest in shelves or closets that keep sports in one section, tools in another and storage somewhere else. This will make playing outdoors with the kids so much more enjoyable when you can easily find that old basketball!

- Get the Green Thumb: Before stepping back into your garden, make sure your entire lawn is clean. Get rid of old, soggy leaves and branches that have been in your yard all winter so your grass can grow long and green! Before planting your favorite flower, research your plants to see when is the best time to plant and when they will bloom! This way your garden always looks bright and colorful during the warm months.

- Wash Away the Winter: If dirt has been building on your home and deck all winter think about a power wash. You can hire a company to do it for you, or rent a power washer yourself. This will make your home look that much nicer when entertaining guests outside. If paint has been chipped away, think of adding a new coat this spring.

If you need more storage or there is lots of yard waste call us at GPOD and we’ll deliver a dumpster and/or storage pod right to your home! Order online today!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Family Fun!

It’s been a rough winter, and it may not even be over, but we’ve been looking forward to Spring for a while and March is just the month to get our hopes up! In honor of the big March holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, and in hopes of warmer weather, we’ve put together some fun family crafts you can do whether it’s still snowing or starting to warm up! Be sure to tell us which craft projects you tried and how they turned out in the comment section below or on Facebook!
Snowman Popcorn: If it’s cold and snow comes once again, stay nice and warm inside while still getting the thrill of a snowman. These popcorn snowmen are the perfect snack when stuck inside. So get a hold of the new Disney movie Frozen that is now on DVD, cozy up by the fire and enjoy this delicious treat!

            Simple pop your favorite kind of popcorn, decorate clear plastic cups with sharpie with two black eyes, a carrot nose and a mouth that resembles a snowman! Top it off with some GREEN ribbon to show your St.Patrick’s Day spirit! 

Shamrock Kettles: If the weather starts to pick up and Spring is in the air try this cute activity with the kids. They’ll show off their green thumb while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and enjoying a wonderful weekend afternoon. Head to your local dollar store and buy small, plastic pots (see picture.) Then stop at your local Home Depot and grab and pack of shamrock seeds! Gather your kids, plant the seeds in the pots and watch them grow during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day! When the big day comes, see if you grew any four-leaf clovers!

Leprechaun Handprint: Whether it’s cold and you’re looking for an indoor activity, or it’s a beautiful warm day, this activity could be done anywhere! This easy and fun leprechaun painting is a great afternoon activity and will be very festive hung in your home! Simply purchase greed, orange and nude paint (environmentally friendly and safe for finger-painting of course!), plain white pieces of paper, black and gold construction paper and eyes from a craft store. Then follow this picture to make an adorable leprechaun that will bring you luck all March long!
Be sure to let us know which activities you tried and how they turned out! Leave a comment below and/or send us pictures on Facebook! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


This year our valentine is the Earth! We’re pledging our love and giving back to the earth this Valentines Day and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Yes, we love our significant others, our family, friends and pets and they will be spoiled with gifts on February 14th but we want to go above and beyond and give back to future generations of loved ones. Here are some family friendly ideas to show your love for the earth this Valentine’s Day:

-       PLANT A TREE: What the world needs is more trees! With the amount of trees being cut down and used for paper products every day the earth could use some more lovely trees! So, gather your family, take a hike in the woods and plant a seed. And this gift keeps on giving! Try to visit your tree each year and watch it grow!

-       ARTS & CRAFTS: To satisfy the environment and your loved ones use recycled paper or cardboard and non-toxic paint to create the perfect Valentines Day Card! Not only will you save money, but the earth will love you right back for this choice!

-       COOK WITH LOVE: When making that romantic Valentine’s Day meal, choose organic. Processed food is not only unhealthy for YOU but the pesticides used and other artificial foods are not sitting well in the earth’s stomach! Stop by your local Whole Foods or organic section of the grocery store to find delicious, healthy ingredients good for you AND the earth!

We’re proud to make the Earth our Valentine and continue to love her all year long by recycling 80% of the waste collected! We look out for the environment so you and your loved ones can live long, happy and healthy lives! Tell us what you did for the Earth this Valentines Day on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

With every New Year comes new beginnings, new resolutions and a fresh start to a bright future. Every year GPOD pledges to help the environment, to better themselves and serve the community, but this 2014 we would like to do so much more.

First we would like to say “thank you” to all of our new Facebook followers! We pledged that for every new “Like” we received on Facebook during November and December of 2013 we would donate one canned good to the Trumbull Food Pantry. Together we have donated 363 canned goods! And we promised to donate a sweatshirt to My Sisters Closet or Charities of Hope for every customer who “likes” us on Facebook AND orders a dumpster or storage pod. We have donated ___ sweatshirts this year!

 We have been very blessed in 2013 with amazing customers, an incredible staff and the ability to give back to our community. We look forward to being able to pay it forward in 2014 with more community involvement and continued great service.

Our goals this year go beyond your typical self-improvement. This year we are looking for new ways to save and preserve the environment through waste disposal, and to dedicate more of our time and energy to giving back to those in need and bettering our community. Thank you again to all of our customers and supporters and we can’t wait for a fantastic 2014!