Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Storage Tips & Tricks

This year, instead of cramming winter supplies into the back of the garage, try out a storage pod! While packing up your skis, ice skates and sleds put together a plan so you stay organized all summer long! We’ve put together some packing tips to keep you organized and stress free all year round’!

Embrace the Label Maker: As much as you don’t want to be the crazy lady with the label maker, you might have to take one for the team. Labeling each storage box with exactly what is in the box, will save you time and stress! No more opening every box to try and find your old winter jacket!

Be Colorful: I know, I know, you also don’t want to be the one who organized their closet in rainbow colors, and by no means are we suggesting this, but think about having a certain color for each member of the family. Whether the whole box is one color or there is just a big red X on all your spouses’ boxes, color-coding might be the smartest thing you did. It also helps the whole family get involved. Since every member has their own color they can go through their own boxes when the time to unpack arrives!

Use Backup: As tedious as this may sound, keeping a checklist of everything you packed and where it is could save you hours or searching in the future! So when you need only one item from the entire storage container, check the list, grab what you need and your finished!

Safely Store: When it’s time to put away the snow blower or anything else that runs on gas, make sure you empty the gas tank! And double check where your wires and electronics are stored, so no accidents occur while using your storage pod!

So, try something new this summer and use a storage pod from GPOD. Store the pod on your own property or at our secure location! Either way, your items are protected and you have peace of mind!


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