Friday, May 2, 2014


After this long and cold winter, nothing makes us happier than seeing a beautiful, blooming garden! Bring on the lilacs, roses and tulips, we’re ready! But, as many of you may know, gardening isn’t easy! To have a successful garden, you need to have a plan.

Do your research. When is each flower in bloom? When should each flower be replaced? Which plants need direct sunlight and which prefer a bit of shade? These are all questions that need to be answered before any seed is planted.  Find the best place in your yard for your garden, depending on the types of flowers you want to plant. Make a border. Clearly determine the outline of the garden and try not to grow outside of the boundaries.

Embrace compost. Gardening highly depends on the soil. Buying fresh soil from a store is a great start, but investing in compost can be an excellent choice. Compost is a mixture of decaying, organic substances. These enrich the soil with vitamins and nutrients that make flowers and plants thrive. Simply add the compost to the soil and enjoy beautiful flowers all season long.

Weed out the problems. Weeds are a gardener’s worst enemy. They take up precious root space, sunlight and water, killing off flowers one by one. Weed control products are excellent to use so your flowers stay healthy all season long!

If your yard is still suffering from the winter and you haven’t found the best place to plant your garden, call GPOD for a yard waste dumpster and get all the junk out fast! Visit us online for more information. 


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