Monday, June 30, 2014

Family Fun on July 4th

The weather is hot, the office is closed and your kids are ready to celebrate! This July 4th, we’ve put together some great family fun activity ideas for you to try! From picnics in the park, to arts & crafts and don’t forget the local fireworks, it’s time to spend the day with the family and celebrate the best summer holiday!

Plan a Picnic: Make a turkey sandwich, bring along some potato salad and red, white and blue popsicles and you’ve got yourself a great American lunch special! Some watermelon will keep the kids cool as they run in the grass and enjoy the birth of our great nation!

Games in the Grass: Whether you pack Parcheesi or bring along a soccer ball, taking in the great weather with a game for the whole family will make the day extra special. When running in the sun, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Pass a Parade: If there is one thing you can count on July 4th, it’s a parade. Find where a local parade is in your neighborhood and bring the kids to watch a spectacular show! Pack snacks and water to keep hydrated and you’ll have a great afternoon activity under your belt!

Fantastic Fireworks: No matter where you are in the U.S you are bound to see fireworks come nightfall. Whether it’s at a local baseball game or local high school, grab a blanket, maybe some earplugs for the kids and enjoy the show!

No matter what activities you choose to take part in this July 4th, we wish you the best of times, enjoyed with the entire family!