Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning on the Outside!

It’s that time of year again! Break out the cleaning supplies because it’s time to wash out the winter dirt and grime and get ready for a warm, beautiful and CLEAN spring! When we think of spring-cleaning, we mostly think of cleaning out the bathroom, closets and kitchen but what about the exterior of your home? We think it’s just as important to spruce up your garden, porch, deck and other outdoor accessories to keep your home in tiptop shape. Here are a few tips to keep your entire home clean and fresh this spring!

- Get Your Mind IN The Gutter: We know this is one of the LAST things you want to do when the weather is nice but it’s so important to keep water damage out! Scoop out all the gunk that’s been building up in your gutters all winter. Leaves, twigs and other outdoor nuisances should be disposed of so you have no water damage to worry about this year!

- Bring Out the Cars: Keeping your garage clean is so important for the spring and summer, since most outdoor activities are kept safely tucked away in the back of it. Sweep out the dirt that’s been collected all winter and ORGANIZE! Invest in shelves or closets that keep sports in one section, tools in another and storage somewhere else. This will make playing outdoors with the kids so much more enjoyable when you can easily find that old basketball!

- Get the Green Thumb: Before stepping back into your garden, make sure your entire lawn is clean. Get rid of old, soggy leaves and branches that have been in your yard all winter so your grass can grow long and green! Before planting your favorite flower, research your plants to see when is the best time to plant and when they will bloom! This way your garden always looks bright and colorful during the warm months.

- Wash Away the Winter: If dirt has been building on your home and deck all winter think about a power wash. You can hire a company to do it for you, or rent a power washer yourself. This will make your home look that much nicer when entertaining guests outside. If paint has been chipped away, think of adding a new coat this spring.

If you need more storage or there is lots of yard waste call us at GPOD and we’ll deliver a dumpster and/or storage pod right to your home! Order online today!


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