Saturday, March 1, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Family Fun!

It’s been a rough winter, and it may not even be over, but we’ve been looking forward to Spring for a while and March is just the month to get our hopes up! In honor of the big March holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, and in hopes of warmer weather, we’ve put together some fun family crafts you can do whether it’s still snowing or starting to warm up! Be sure to tell us which craft projects you tried and how they turned out in the comment section below or on Facebook!
Snowman Popcorn: If it’s cold and snow comes once again, stay nice and warm inside while still getting the thrill of a snowman. These popcorn snowmen are the perfect snack when stuck inside. So get a hold of the new Disney movie Frozen that is now on DVD, cozy up by the fire and enjoy this delicious treat!

            Simple pop your favorite kind of popcorn, decorate clear plastic cups with sharpie with two black eyes, a carrot nose and a mouth that resembles a snowman! Top it off with some GREEN ribbon to show your St.Patrick’s Day spirit! 

Shamrock Kettles: If the weather starts to pick up and Spring is in the air try this cute activity with the kids. They’ll show off their green thumb while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and enjoying a wonderful weekend afternoon. Head to your local dollar store and buy small, plastic pots (see picture.) Then stop at your local Home Depot and grab and pack of shamrock seeds! Gather your kids, plant the seeds in the pots and watch them grow during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day! When the big day comes, see if you grew any four-leaf clovers!

Leprechaun Handprint: Whether it’s cold and you’re looking for an indoor activity, or it’s a beautiful warm day, this activity could be done anywhere! This easy and fun leprechaun painting is a great afternoon activity and will be very festive hung in your home! Simply purchase greed, orange and nude paint (environmentally friendly and safe for finger-painting of course!), plain white pieces of paper, black and gold construction paper and eyes from a craft store. Then follow this picture to make an adorable leprechaun that will bring you luck all March long!
Be sure to let us know which activities you tried and how they turned out! Leave a comment below and/or send us pictures on Facebook! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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