Friday, August 1, 2014

Get A Head Start on Back to School

It may be the beginning of August, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the first day of school! Whether your child is entering kindergarten or their senior year of college, it’s the same routine. Notebooks, pencils, folders and textbooks galore! And don’t forget the new clothes that will accompany your kids this fall. We’ve put together some advice to make this back to school season go on without a hitch!

Start Early and Stay Positive: Back to school season is arguably the most stressful time of the year. The kids are nervous and excited, you’re looking for leftovers and bargains, but starting early, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for school and keeping a positive attitude will help with a smooth transition into the school year.

Make a Deal: Even though it’s only August, back to school sales are up and running. Back to school commercials have been running since mid July! The stores are ready, so you should be too! But don’t forget to look through last year’s binders for fresh paper, unused notebooks and pencils that still have some mileage left!

Thrift Shop: Even though department stores claim they have great sales, their prices can be marked up! Try your local thrift store for great prices on lightly used clothes. Or hold a clothes swap party with your friends! Have them bring their kids old clothes and see what fits your child. Cheap and thrifty!

Have Fun: This school year, why not start new family traditions? Ease nerves by having family night the day before the first day of school to talk about what your kids are looking forward to and what they aren’t.  Try to incorporate these types of family gatherings throughout the school year so your child feels heard and you can better assess what they need.

No matter what your family situation we wish you the best back to school season filled with excitement and fun! Good luck this year students!