Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don’t Throw It Away this Holiday Season!

We know this seems like an odd title coming from a dumpster company, but our new storage pod expansion, recycling roots and holiday cheer have led us to think “recycle” or “donate” before throwing away our old clothes We have put together a few ways to clean, recycle and give this holiday season we know you’ll love.

Let’s Talk Fashion: As the kids grow older their clothes are bound to be left in the back of closet collecting dust. Instead of abandoning them in the closet here are some options:

-       Reuse! If those old jeans are too short but still fit around the waist, try hemming them to make shorts! If a skirt is too short, try adding fabric to the bottom for a fabulous two-toned masterpiece! Check out more great ideas from this pinterest page!

-       Plan a party! If you have clothes that don’t fit anymore, but are still in great condition plan a swap party! Invite friends and family over for some chips and dip and trade your clothes! This saves money, gives you a great new wardrobe and is a fantastic excuse to get together with your loved ones!

-       Dye it! We’ve all been there, the unwanted red shirt in the white load of laundry and all your whites are now pink and spotty. Instead of calling it a loss you can embrace the pink, or go to your local craft store and purchase some dye to make those whites a new bold color! An even more fun activity with the kids would be a tie dying afternoon! Because, who doesn’t love a tie-dyed shirt?

-       Donate! This holiday season there are many people in need. If you have old clothes that don’t fit and are in good condition, look up your local shelter or clothing donation organization to give to those in need. It’s going to be a cold winter so donate those old coats that don’t fit anymore! GPOD proudly works with Charities of Hope, which provides monetary donations to other non-profits through the donations of clothes.  

This holiday season take out those old clothes and do something productive! We know we will be going through our closets to see what we can do to help this year!

Don't forget for every "Like" GPOD receives on Facebook this month we will donate one canned good to the Trumbull Food Pantry! AND for everyone who "Likes" us AND orders a Dumpster or Storage Pod we will donate a BRAND NEW SWEATSHIRT to Charities of Hope or The Thrift Store! So “Like” us on Facebook and tell your friends!

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